Elks Badges, Medals, Gavels, Plaques, Trophys, Flags.

We are a licensed vendor for the BPO Elks of the USA. 

  •  All Elk Officer Badges are made on our premises in New York.  
  • Badges are usually shipped same day or the next day.

If you do not see your Color or Style badge, call for help.

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If you order Badges using this form, we will send an invoice with the badges.

Badge Details

Badges are 3 inches wide and 2.75 long. The back is longer than the front, so the badge grabs the pocket and does not fall out when you bend over. Ladies' Badges can be attached by "Pin-On" or by "Magnetic Clip." We can attach 1 or 2 of the following 5 jewel types: Rhinestone Emblem, American Flag, Elks Head, Crossed Flags, or Elk Emblem.

We also carry medals with ribbon for $1.50 or engraved gavels for only $25.95  Click here to shop additional Elk Lodge items.